Abbots Ride – Farnham

This new build project started life as a classic 1960s bungalow, the initial thought was to build up on existing footings. However based on a rough cost analysis, Kate pitched the thought of a complete new build. With the no VAT on new builds, this extra 20% allowed for a larger budget, making the new build idea a more cost effective solution. The young family were looking for a modern, practical, low maintenance, low energy family home.

Replacing a bungalow which also neighbours 2 other bungalows gave us limited planning permissions to the finished height of the front elevation. The new house had to appear to be 1.5 stories tall. This would reduce the space the growing family were looking for. The solution was to lower the ground floor level by 600mm allowing us to achieve 3 floors of accommodation with good headroom. As such the rear elevation shows the truer size of the house with a cosy sunken patio whilst maintaining a front elevation height to meet planning approval.

The new build allowed us to create a modern low energy home. Using mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system. This supplies fresh air throughout the house and extracts damp air from kitchens and bathrooms using the created energy to heat incoming fresh air. This results in creating a perfect humidity which avoids condensation, without the drying affects of air conditioning. The House has aluminium windows and a low maintenance render finish.

The new build features large windows, with windows meeting the floor line in key rooms, such as the master bedroom and downstairs living spaces. The modern clean kitchen shows large doors, which open out to a same level sunken patio, giving a truly open feel to this family home.

The large open entrance space creates instant impact when you enter the home. An open tread design stair case allows a beautiful view through the house to the garden.


Contractor – Eight Building