Full facelift, extension and kitchen

Credit to Eight Building and Chisholm Design

Local Kitchen designers ‘Chisholm Design’ appointed Kate to design a side extension to their 1960s bungalow and to renovate and refurbish both interior and exterior. The bungalow was small, dated and required extra bedroom space, as well as plenty of storage for the young sporty family, with storage for bikes and camping equipment.

A side extension connected the bungalow to the existing detached garage, the structure was given a full facelift to tie the new side extension seamlessly into the old, whilest maintaining the existing large front dormer window.

A large oak in the rear garden with a TPO required careful consideration and consultations with a local tree surgeon and Waverley council, due to its close proximity we were required to excavate by hand around this area of the works.

One key issue was the need for access to the sunny area of the garden, the front garden. So flying in the face of convention a front terrace was incorporated into the design, next to the front door, with a new cantilevered front canopy to protect the family room from overheating in the summer sun.

With a new modern, fresh family space and access to the sunny areas of the garden it was left to the client, as kitchen designers, to create their own bold and beautiful kitchen, which proved to be the ultimate finishing touch.