Cresta – Farnham

This project is currently onsite and promises to be an impressive transformation of this tired property in a top-notch location.

The original bungalow had no front door, it was accessed at the mid-level, via a steep set of steps, the sunny patio and finally a rather shoddy conservatory to the front. The proposal utilises the main fabric of the bungalow at mid-level, however significantly increasing the accommodation at upper level with a new floor replacing the pitched roof. A proper entry hall will be created in the original integral garage, allowing access from the parking level.

The front of the house enjoys a long view over the valley and faces south. A new raised terrace has been created to make the most of the spectacular view.

The upper floor will have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, whereas the existing loft dormer meant there was only space for one compromised bedroom.


CGI –  AP Visuals

Contractor – BRIX Group